Worship Services 
Holy Eucharist / Communion / Mass

Holy Eucharist is offered at all of our worship services.
Everyone is welcome to receive Eucharist/Communion.
Pick the style of worship that works for you.

8:00 a.m. Sunday Spoken Eucharist  Early birds are invited to begin their Sabbath with a spoken Rite II Eucharist with a homily. This Eucharist does not include music. Following the Eucharist, coffee hour is held in the Canterbury Room. Childcare is not available.

9:00 a.m. Sunday Children’s Communion  This service welcomes all ages and families with emphasis on children 6th Grade and younger. The children participate in the service, worship, and receive Holy Communion, yet all ages are welcome. This service is accompanied by piano and guitar to sing praise to God. Sunday Brunch is held following the Mass. (Childcare available)

10:00 a.m. Sunday Choral Eucharist  A traditional Episcopal Eucharist.  Young people take an active role as acolytes and crucifers. Parishioners of all ages serve as lectors and chalice bearers. This service includes hymns and organ and, during the program year, St. Philip’s Choir and Handbell Ringers enhance our worship experience. Sunday Brunch is held following the Eucharist. (Childcare available)

Wednesday Noonday Eucharist For those who are unable to receive the Blessed Sacrament on a Sunday, or those whose spiritual tradition is to receive twice weekly, we invite you to this mid-week offering of Holy Eucharist.

What should I wear? 
The important thing is your presence…
NOT the kind of clothes you wear or the subject of your tats! 

So, what you wear is entirely up to you.
Some people like to dress up to go to church, and this is more tradition than necessity. 
You will see people in dresses and suits, and you will see people in shorts and jeans.
There will be people with black hair to white hair to no hair at all — and a few with purple and pink hair.
Footwear ranges from wingtips to cowboy/farm boots to flip flops.
Here at St. Philip's we hope you come as you are, and we hope you’ll feel comfortable, and at home.

This is the Lord’s Table ~ All are welcome.  For those taking Holy Communion, simply hold out your hand – palm up – to receive the Bread. Afterwards, assist the chalicist by taking the chalice by the base with your fingertips and guiding it to your lips. If you prefer, you may receive the bread in your hand and simply dip it in the chalice and then consume the bread. After you are finished, return to your seat using the aisles on the far left or right. Should you not wish to receive Communion but would prefer to be blessed, simply cross your arms in front of your chest thus alerting the priest that you wish to be blessed.

If you are unable to attend Eucharist in person for disabilitating reasons, please contact the Parish Office at 580-226-2191 and we can arrange for one of our Eucharistic Ministers to bring Communion to you at your home.

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