Sunday Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist at: 8am, 9:15am and 10:30am

St. Philip’s Church has been faithfully witnessing to Christ in word and deed for over 125 years in Ardmore.
St. Philip’s is a diverse, incluse, and energetic community. We gather on Sunday mornings to worship, learn,
and share each other’s company so that we might go forth from the doors of St. Philip’s empowered by the Holy Spirit.  

What should I wear?  
The important thing is your presence… 
NOT the kind of clothes you wear or the subject of your tats! 

So, what you wear is entirely up to you.
Some people like to dress up to go to church, and this is more tradition than necessity.  
You will see people in dresses and suits, and you will see people in shorts and jeans. 
There will be people with black hair to white hair to no hair at all — and a few with purple and pink hair. 
Footwear ranges from wingtips to cowboy/farm boots to flip flops. 
Here at St. Philip's we hope you come as you are, and we hope you’ll feel comfortable, and at home.


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