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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~St. Philips offers a аtraditional Christian style worship with roots dating back to the beginning of the church around 150 C.E.а

We are very welcoming to new comers, old or young, rich or poor, strong or meek, аsingled or coupled, looking to meet Christ in an extended family, and participate in God's mission to create a loving community.

St. Philip's has been actively invloved in the communitity since it's beginning in 1893. We а have helped care for and shape аAdmore in establishing the Soup Kitchen, the Childrens Shelter, as well as being very active in supporting the Family shelter, Grace Resource Center, and Loaves and Fishes. St. Philip's is actively engaged in a monthly Sunday Supper open to the community, where we offer a meal free of charge, and no obligation to worship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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аIf you are seeking company in your journey with Christ, we might be able to help you ask the questions, struggle with you to seek the answers, and help you see yourself as an image of Christ; if this is what you seek we might just be the place for you.

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