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St. Philip’s is a safe space where all who enter 
sense they are wanted, needed, and important. 

St. Philip’s is a holy and exciting place to discover, 
and participate in the gifts God has created in us: 
to grow them, to develop them, and to use them on a regular basis.  

St. Philip’s is a thriving, sustainable community, 
whose growth endures through actively living the Gospel of Christ.

Many of our parishioners came to St. Philip's as young people or adults. Some were already Episcopalians; some were even new to Christianity. From wherever you have come, we welcome you on your spiritual journey. 

Our parish includes young and old; wealthy and those of modest means; black, brown, and white; gay and straight; married and single; and those with children or not. Our parishioners come from the city, the suburbs, and the rural routes of the Ardmore area. 

We celebrate and embrace the diversity of St. Philip's parish. Everyone is welcome! 

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